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Are Online Casinos Rigged? We Explore the Facts

A major concern for many players when they walk into a casino or decide to sign up and play online poker or casino games at any of the many sites around the Internet is whether they can trust the establishment to operate in a fair manner. After all, none of us will sit down at a private game if we feel one of the players or the host was going to have an unfair advantage due to some preplanned strategy to reduce our odds of winning.

We all know that the casino or the house is going to get its take. We all know that many games are set up so that the house will win over the long haul, but we're talking about something more direct.

We want to give you a good overview of what to expect when you walk into a casino, sit at a video slot or poker machine, or log into your online casino or poker site. You will find more information including examples of online and live casino rigging at our blacklisted sites, plus a breakdown of site security and regulations designed to make online poker play safe for players.

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Is Online Gaming Rigged?

Online gaming sites are businesses. Their ultimate goal is to make a profit while engaging their customers so they come back and invest more time and money in the game. Allowing their customer to enjoy the game requires the players feel safe and protected. Laws and regulations have been put in place to ensure the games are run ethically and legally.

Because the goal is to make a profit and because not every player can win every game, suspicions have been brought to light that the games are rigged. Some of the more popular theories for proof include the number of bad beats, the idea that wins are structured to keep people playing longer [if lesser-quality players win a few games, the idea is they'll stay around longer in hopes of winning again], and hands are dealt in such a way to increase the size of the pots to entice players and to bring a larger yield to the casino.

Roulette games are easier to rig offline than online, but when they exist online it is most often that the entire casino system is rigged, rather than the roulette game specifically.

While the accusation is that games are set up in a way that the player never wins, the truth is the casino must have an advantage or they will go out of business. A house edge, however, does not indicate a game is rigged. In addition to the randomness programmed into the game, there can also be streaks of bad luck that will affect individual players. Even when the hands don't feel random, this is no indication of a rigged game.

Historically, there have been instances of rigged games. In January 2013, Reel Deal and Hi/Lo Gambler were found to be running coin flip games that were not offering a fair deal to players. Despite advertising a 100% payout to players (which indicates no advantage or cut for the casino). As it turns out, the payout was only 96%.

Legally, this indicated fraud. The offage as discovered when a player played a free play mode and was offered a fair game. Once she changed to a money game, she logged her results. After playing tens of thousands of hands of Hi/Lo Gambler, she gave the logs to her brother who analyzed them. He concluded the game was not paying her as it should.

Blackjack naturally has a mathematical percentage that favors the house, although the payout percentage varies by the skill level of the blackjack player. Online games use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure their odds match the payout of land-based casinos. Mathematical analysis should indicate the payout will average over time.

There have also been a number of allegations over the years of online poker sites being rigged by allowing another player or observer to see everyone's cards and to be able to pass this information onto an active player.

The most regular accusations of rigged games occur around card rooms. The feeling is that poker tables are rigged to improve profitability, such as when higher-than-natural odds are given to inexperienced players. Alternatively, an advantage can be given to skew all-in scenarios in the favor of the underdog. A theory is that odds that should fall 78-22 would be changed to 80-20. However, such a scam would be too easily detected. In that case, odds could be shifted in the favor of a player that called an all-in versus the player who bet the all-in. This also may be too easy to detect. Another option is that non-all-in hands would be altered in favor of the player who called the bet.

The ramifications of this are obvious. It allows a player to have inside information that would not be available to a player any other way. An understanding of game play and betting patterns will allow an observant player to realize when this form of rigging might be taking place.

In fact, this is exactly what happened during a tournament at Absolute Poker back in 2007, when observant players questioned the tournament winner's game play and instigated an investigation which led to the uncovering of a scandal in which online players were cheated out of up to $1 million.

Security and preventing rigged games

Audited by government authorities

First of all, any online casino that is publically traded undergoes tremendous scrutiny. They are constantly audited by government authorities and 3rd parties to ensure that all their online casino games are fair, and that all of their random number generators are in fact that - random. All of these online casinos are forever dealing with government agencies to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of operating a white listed casino.

Good Reputation

If you are unsure of which casinos have a good reputation, ask your friends and family who play and you will likely get plenty of information on sites that have a poor reputation and those that have a better reputation. Stick with those who have good word of mouth from people you trust.

Good PR

Lastly, one has to realize that it is actually in the best interest of these online casinos to have big winners. It gives them great PR and word of mouth advertising.

Independent Testing

They undergo independent testing for game fairness and random number generation.

More than casino sites, poker sites have a higher than average chance of collusion, although no higher instance of the site being rigged. Collusion occurs when players converse outside of game play to share information about their hands. This type of cheating in online poker does cause at least moderate concern. The fact is, this type of cheating would be easy enough with IM clients or phone use.

The era of super users and cheating scandals orchestrated by operators is likely behind us, but players should still be alert and watch for suspicious activities by operators.

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Gambling enterprises online are actually expanding in appeal. The number of players are increasing as well as even more individuals are signing up with a click of a button. This can be credited to the countless advantages of playing online, which we will certainly identify right here.

Free Rotates: In the on the internet casinos, you can easily get a cost-free spin with your register benefit. These offer you the possibility to play in the online casino completely free without having to in fact invest a single dollar. You will certainly have the ability to experience the enjoyable of betting complimentary, yet do not expect to win a jackpot just because you have spent cash on a download or ticket. Just bear in mind to spend your difficult made money intelligently and it will certainly all amount to something excellent.

Assistance: While playing in a casino site, you will certainly locate that you can delight in the sensation of support. You will certainly be educated by casino site personnel concerning the current updates in the gambling establishment scene. You can also discover casino site assistance through telephone call or e-mails. These are incredibly essential in online casino video gaming.

Cashouts: In many of the on the internet gambling establishments, you will certainly be able to earn actual cash in your initial spin. You will after that obtain indicate your account and you can pay them out. When you make the maximum amount, you can remain to earn a lot more.

Game Play: As you play, you will be notified about the video game play. You will additionally be supplied with a variety of benefits for additional fun and also excitement. These bonds give the possibility to bet actual cash or play at a lower quantity than typical.

Registration Form: In on-line casino sites, it is very simple to sign up. You will just need to comply with a simple procedure and also send your individual information. You will likewise be asked to validate your details before you can begin playing. Hereafter, you will certainly be offered with an accessibility code that will certainly allow you to go into the gambling enterprise at any time you want.

Profile Photo: In many cases, you will discover that the player profile photos are posted to the gambling establishment site. This makes it easy for the player to identify him or herself. This is likewise a way of marketing your very own account. Therefore, you can conveniently advertise your very own pc gaming experience.

Payout System: In casino site pc gaming, there is no stringent proof of jackpots, as the casino cares for this. The online casinos constantly function in the direction of maintaining the online pc gaming neighborhood pleased. There are different payout systems that are simple and fair in nature.

Community Based Features: Online casino pc gaming is best enjoyed when you feel comfortable in the neighborhood. In much of the online gambling establishments, this is really simple to attain. Several of the gambling establishments offer you cost-free genuine money to spend within the community. It will certainly not just profit you as a player, yet you will additionally have a chance look at this website to connect with various other players as well as win prizes.

Games and also Characteristics: The click this casino sites are continuously updating their video games and features in order to bring you the most recent. With this, you can undoubtedly find the very best games and features for you. They will not only enhance your video gaming experience, but you will also have an opportunity to meet new close friends in the online gambling enterprises.

Reviews: This is an essential factor when it involves playing online. When you are interested in obtaining the very best video games, you can attempt searching for the reviews in the online casino web sites. This way, you will be able to discover the very best casino online and also you will certainly likewise have the ability to get even more information regarding the video games.

There are great deals of advantages to playing in gambling establishment absolutely free rotates as well as you will certainly have a lot of fun while doing so. Benefit from these elements as well as see what an on-line gambling establishment can use you. With these benefits, you will definitely have a great time video gaming at a casino online.

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